How to become an approved scorer

To become an approved scorer you must attend an approved training course and pass the on-line test to become eligible.
Find and attend an approved RoMS training course.
Register on the RoMS website on completion of the course.
Complete the online-test (video clips).
Pay invoice to activate your membership.


Some benefits for becoming a scorer for RoMS include:
Benefit One
Benefit Two
Benefit Three

Complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a RoMS scorer or have attended a training course



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    Membership Renewal

    RoMS members will have to renew their membership annually. The renewal process will involve completion of an automated online assessment of video clips and payment of an annual fee of £35.
    If your renewal is overdue there are options available for re-training/accreditation.
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    What are the scorers saying?

    I have been a ROMS registered mobility scorer for 4 years and have found the ROMS online assessment difficult, but it has helped me to develop a creditable standardise recording on farm evaluation that has benefited my hoof trimming business and given my customers confidence in what I record and help in processing a mobility assessment for large milk buyers’ contracts as well as now Farm Assurance Assessments.

    My customers use me as a Mobility Manager with Mobility Scoring and Hoof trimming reducing lameness working as a team to increase profits and animal welfare.

    Charlie Harding
    The Hoofman Ltd & All4feet.UK

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