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Lameness is an important cause of poor welfare and economic loss in the UK dairy industry. There is a need to measure lameness on individual farms to increase awareness and to be able to manage it successfully. There have been many initiatives to improve the mobility of the UK dairy herd but the lack of reliable and consistent scoring has hampered progress.

AHDB have developed a method for mobility scoring which is the industry standard in the UK and is the only methodology than can be used by members of the RoMS.

The RoMS is an independent, self-regulatory body which encourages the widespread use of standardised, independent mobility scoring conducted by trained and accredited scorers on UK dairy farms.

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The aims of the RoMS are:

To improve the mobility of the UK national dairy herd by:


RoMS accredited trainers are expected to adhere to a set of professional standards including. By registering with RoMS you are agreeing to adhere to these standards.

  • To provide independent mobility scores according to the principles and knowledge gained through attendance at RoMS accredited training course(s) including use of the AHDB mobility scoring system (0 – 3 scale).
  • Maintaining RoMS membership through annual re-registration and calibration testing with appropriate re-training where this is not achieved.
  • All individual RoMS members are responsible for ensuring and upholding their own legal responsibilities (e.g. insurance, GDPR).


Provision of a register of approved trainers providing RoMS accredited mobility scoring training.


Promotion of RoMS approved training courses.


To support the improvement in mobility of the UK national dairy herd by:

  • Improving the quality of mobility score data provided to producers and their agents through provision of training and standardised use of the AHDB mobility scoring system.
  • Being as inclusive of, and reactive to, the mobility scoring requirements of all key stake holders in the dairy supply chain.
To this end, the founding committee has representatives from the dairy farming, veterinary and foot trimming sectors.

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